a suite of leadership assessment tools

LDN International offers a suite of leadership assessment tools and resources to provide fit-for-purpose solutions for the diverse needs of the organisations we work with. Each assessment may be used on its own, or in combination with others to give a multi-lens perspective on the leadership development needs of individuals or groups. 

Korn Ferry Assessment of leadership Potential (KFALP)

This online self-assessed leadership tool provides a comprehensive measure of an individual's responses on seven research-based indicators of leadership potential. Benchmarked against a reference group of leaders who have successfully advanced to more senior leadership, it is used to identify and develop suitable candidates to become effective leaders.  

Korn Ferry 360 

This multi-rater assessment is based on the Korn Ferry global competency framework and gives individuals rich feedback on how their job behaviours are perceived by others and which of these are considered important for success. Derailing tendencies can be included if required. 

Team Effectiveness Assessment

This online assessment is completed by team members to provide a thorough, yet concise summary of the team’s effectiveness across five critical components identified by Patrick Lencioni - Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability and Results. The resulting report identifies the team’s strengths, weaknesses, differences and opportunities for development for each component.

Hogan Leadership Forecast Series

Hogan uses the science of personality to predict leadership performance. The three assessments in the Leadership Forecast Series give a clear indication of a person's day-to-day  leadership style,  personal values that drive behaviour and  performance risks. This raises strategic self-awareness and highlights emotional intelligence  allowing leaders to understand their impact on others and their ability to build high-performing teams. Read more.

Agile Leader 360

The Agile Leader 360 is a confidential multi-rater survey that gives leaders insight into how they are truly perceived by others on the competencies that matter most in an increasingly volatile business landscape, as identified in research conducted at the IMD Business School. The result is a model of agile leadership that defines specific competencies and behaviours related to successful performance in disruptive environments.

Life Styles Inventory™(LSI)

This online tool uses both self-assessment and multi-rater assessment to identify individual thinking and behavioural styles. By providing insights into strengths, weaknesses, and areas for development, it allows leaders to evaluate the impact of their leadership style and empowers them to embark on a journey to be better at, and enjoy more, everything they do.

viaEDGE™ Learning Agility Assessment

This online self-assessment reveals a person's orientation to their career, whether they are drawn to a specialist pathway or to broad general management roles. Scores on the five facets of agility can be compared with the demands of a specific job to create a targeted development strategy. 

Myer Briggs Type Indicator® Step II(MBTI)

This online self-assessment is an introspective questionnaire with the purpose of identifying psychological preferences for how people perceive the world around them and reach conclusions. It is used to help individuals and teams appreciate the ways in which people differ in order to better understand self and others. Read more.

Style Matters Conflict Style Inventory

This self-assessment inventory reveals how a person responds to conflict. With this information, people can make conscious choices in how they respond to team members when things are tense. By observing and understanding the responses of others they can deal more constructively with them.  

LDN Experience Inventory©

Experience is a powerful source of personal and professional development. This self-assessment allows people to understand how their past jobs and assignments have equipped them with the leadership skills they need now and in the future. From here, they can identify gaps on which to build a career-building development plan.  

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs so we can provide you with a seamless and easy assessment experience that will give you the data and development foundation you need. Call +613 9666 3320 or email  info@ldninternational.com