building high performing teams

The top executive team of any organisation is in a unique position. Not only does it hold the ultimate responsibility for the success of the enterprise, but also it is highly visible to the many stakeholders who have a deep interest in the decisions it makes and the results it delivers.

Whilst the people at the top are typically referred to as a team, in many cases there is precious little teamwork going on. They meet together regularly but operate siloed business units and are less concerned with shared responsibility for critical decision-making and guiding the organisation as a whole.

Another challenge lies with the leaders themselves. A 2009 survey of over six thousand executives and managers found that team-building skill languishes in the bottom 25 percent of performance-related competencies. A group of talented individuals who have reached the top of their field doesn't automatically make a high performing team.

Executive Assessment & Team Alignment

There are several models of executive team coaching available to bring out the best in teams. As a starting point, the team can explore a series of questions that will surface opportunities for improvement:

  • To what extent do we have a clear purpose?
  • Do we have an effective decision-making process?
  • How well do we work together?
  • Are our meetings efficient and productive?
  • Do we hold each other accountable?
  • Do we learn from our successes and failures?

With fifteen years experience in executive team coaching, we have seen the power of aligning a team by attending to critical team success factors such as defining core purpose, clarifying strategic intent and managing the way the team adds value to the business.

Executive team coaching is a specialised form of coaching aimed at facilitating progress on each of the team success factors. Not for the faint hearted, it requires considerable skill to read the room and identify the dynamics occurring at multiple layers. It also calls for courage to confront inappropriate behaviour.

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