executive leadership coaching

You may have noticed that the words 'building leadership skills that matter' appear frequently in connection with LDN International. It is a phrase that reflects what we are all about and the focus of our executive leadership coaching.

How can Executive Coaching help my career?

The task of being an executive today is complex and challenging. Living in times of unprecedented change and ambiguity in which leaders are often managing their organisations through sometimes uncharted territory.

Under these circumstances, misreading important market trends or failing to adapt fast enough to disruptive technologies may have dire consequences.

Executive Coaching & Leadership Coaching

With this pressure, time for self reflection and to adjust to new demands can be non-existent. Yet, without a pause to consider how to address issues in different ways, leaders find it challenging to bring a new perspective and an innovative flair to their job.

If you find yourself in this situation, an LDN executive coach can bring valuable expertise in diagnosing the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. We then provide evidence based strategies on how you can get there.

Other benefits of Executive Coaching include:

  • Greater self-awareness
  • More clairty and focus on their role
  • New ways to build relatiojnships with colleagues and other stakeholders
  • ideas for overcoming difficult workplace issues 
  • improved business perfomance

At LDN, coaching leaders is both a privilege and a responsibility. It's a privilege because these are people who have significant pressures and responsibilities, and helping them to be more effective has a flow-on benefit to those who depend on them. It's a responsibility because a leadership coach must be the enabler of their professional development and growth.

Our experience in leadership development has shown us that high potential leaders generally have a practical orientation to learning, are attuned to developing their emotional intelligence, and are motivated to increase their capability in areas that are important to them. They often already know the 'why' and want to focus more on the 'how'.

Executive Coaching Programs

In order to provide high-impact executive coaching that delivers results, we have designed our executive coaching programs to make it easy for busy leaders to effectively engage in their own development and see tangible long term results:

  • We provide virtual coaching sessions using a stable and reliable platform that allows us to connect meaningfully with leaders in any location and time zone.
  • We offer an online coaching support system of microlearning, working with individuals to explore their current skills and receive personalised development, with reminders to keep them on track.
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